We do not have a single, one-sized, fits-all enhancements package. From wedding receptions to birthday parties to club style venues, we can provide lighting and other enhancements that help create long-lasting memories.

Uplighting is an important element in room décor and setting the mood for the occasion. It can highlight the surroundings, draw your eyes to a prominent feature and accent an elegant hall. You've spent time selecting the right venue; now use lighting to maximize its impact. The uplighting can even change to the beat of the music later on in the evening to create a fun party atmosphere!

Dance floor lighting is used to make a dance floor appear more inviting and will help create excitement or a pulse to blend with the music to generate a great party atmosphere. Lots of colour and excitement on the dance floor encourages people to get up, dance and have a great time. At Crossed Wires we believe in setting up the right lighting for your event. We can provide simple wash lighting, fascinating effect lighting, or a combination of both. 

Do you want your event to be ordinary or extraordinary? If you're looking for something to really let your event stand out, we can even offer a personalized spotlight for the dance floor, wall or ceiling.

Dancing under the stars - this elegant effect is like no other. This feature projects clouds and hundreds of slow-moving stars on the hall's ceiling or drapery. This amazing feature can subtly alter the mood of your event in a great way.

We are now offering low-lying fog for wedding party grand entrances or for a couple's first dance. This neat enhancement creates a cloud effect that is absolutely stunning! Ask us for more details.

We can provide audio-video support including front-projection or rear-projection screens, high-output short, medium & long-throw projectors and professional sound reinforcement.

We can provide audio-video support including high-definition TVs (individually or in combinations) with all the necessary cabling and switching hardware.  TVs are ideal for photo montages, slide shows, presentations and even music videos!  If you're not sure if projectors & screens or TVs are best for your event, ask us!  We're happy to help in any way that we can!

We are capable of providing theatrical-style podium lighting so that your guests will be able to see who is speaking at your podium. It's very important that speeches be heard and it is also important that the speakers be seen.

Would you like to have your white decorations really pop?  We can provide UV (ultra-violet) lighting which will enhance your white decor and linens to make them stand out beautifully!  

Trussing can be used to take your event to a whole new level!  LITERALLY!  Trussing is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the industry.  Ask us how trussing can be used at your event!

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